About TKG Investors

TKG Investors is owned and operated by Tony and Kim Green. They have been active in real estate since 2007.  They are the broker owners of Green Haven Realty. Additionally, they are hybrid agent investors offering sellers additional options to sell their properties besides the traditional MLS listing.  They added TKG Investors to their business ventures in 2022.  They’re goal is to help more people invest in real estate and become less reliant on the stock market. Tony manages the daily operations; Kim manages the client relations.

TKG Property Buyers are Tony and Kim Green in Lewisville, NC

Tony & Kim Green


Tony is a Certified General Appraiser, Realtor and Real Estate Investor.  He attended Appalachian State University with a BSBA in Finance and Real Estate. He has been a Realtor since 2007 and an appraiser since 2011.  His first experience in real estate was working as a buyer’s agent for a foreclosure broker, which gave him invaluable experience with investors.


Kim is a licensed Realtor and Real Estate Investor.  Kim was the office manager for their real estate firm until getting licensed in 2018.  She has since been a top performing agent withing the Triad MLS. Her eye for design makes her a candidate for HGTV’s next star.

The Business Model

The core business operation creates passive income streams for people by investing in single-family, multi-family, short term rentals, and other prime real estate investments. The properties are evaluated and cherry-picked by methods of marketing and financing strategies through strong relationships within the real estate community.

Some investments are set up as partnerships.  TKG assumes the management and mortgage risk with the bank, and the investor provides a portion of the acquisition fees (down payment, closing costs, management fee).

Some investments are syndicated where a group of people invest as an LLC member, and TKG assumes the management and mortgage risk with the bank.

​Dozens of properties get evaluated each month to assess long-term profitability, risk and optimal returns for their clients. TKG finds on and off market deals, which its clients are able to take advantage of.

Business Model #2

The second line of business is buying undervalued or distressed properties, rehabbing them, and then selling at a profit.  These deals can be structured in a variety of ways with the investor being a private money lender or an equity partner being the most common.  Kim and Tony undertake the hiring of contractors, design, project management, marketing, and selling the property.

Our Network

TKG maintains an active network of 10K-plus, including new and experienced real estate agents and  investors. It aims to help as many people as possible within the limited real estate opportunities it has available.