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Real estate has the stability and the profitability to be a great foundation for building wealth

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TKG Property Buyers are Tony and Kim Green in Lewisville, NC

Want to Invest in Real Estate but You're Unsure How? We Will Help You

If you want to increase your assets, then clearly investing is the best option. But where do you even start? 

The stock market has the opportunity for high returns, but it’s risky.  Cryptocurrency is even riskier with FTX being the latest scam robbing users of millions of dollars. Even though rates have gone up, CD’s and bank savings accounts won’t keep up with inflation, which is another way of saying, “you’re losing money.”  So what’s left? Real Estate. Real Estate is one of the best ways to build generational wealth.

We’re Kim and Tony Green, and we are real estate professionals with an eye for money-making assets.  We have bought, rehabbed, and sold both residential and commercial properties for profit.  We have also held assets for rental income.  

We want to help you invest in real estate by partnering with you. If you’re currently investing in other markets and looking to diversify your holdings, or you’re looking to make your first real estate investment, we’re here to help.

Solid returns. Minimal Headache. Asset-Backed Protection.

If you’re worried about making mistakes when investing in real estate, this is for you. Let Kim and Tony do the heavy lifting and enjoy the fruits of their work.

Follow 4 easy steps


Qualification Form

We’ll start with a qualification form. This is to gauge whether you’re a good fit for Peoples Capital Group and whether we can meet your investment needs.

Discovery Call

We’ll arrange a call to scope out more details about your investment credentials and needs. If we believe you are qualified and ready to move ahead, we’ll set up the next step.

Approval to Invest

You’ll have an exclusive one on one call with Aaron or Seth, our founders, to further discuss your investment goals, as well as, the investment opportunity you may qualify for. Should you be approved, you’ll be given documents to review and sign to secure your position in the investment.

Enjoy Passive Income

You can sit back and enjoy knowing your money is invested without having to lift a finger. This is the passive income lifestyle, and it’s the ultimate goal for our clients and those looking to grow their wealth.

Our Mission

Our number one priority is to provide you favorable passive income returns in real estate by finding properties (rehab and flip or buy and hold) that work for you!

We work with investors all across the United States.

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